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G&W - Gary Johns, CEO and Owner

When I found out that HUMACare was offering personalized wellness coaching to the companies they serve, through NRG Fitness, I jumped at the opportunity and have not regretted the results. I like how simple and personal their approach is, focusing on taking customized, participant-driven, “baby-steps” to make healthy habit changes, along with having group events such as Lunch and Learns, group walks, and group exercise classes: all wonderful opportunities for our employees to learn, grow, and lead healthier, more vibrant lives. We have seen several of our employees quit using tobacco products, two of which quit after 30 years of smoking. We have also seen our folks lose weight, learn how to make healthier choices, and lead more active lifestyles. I couldn’t be more pleased with the process that NRG Fitness has taken us through. It has had and is having a positive, widespread, impact on our company, our associates and the culture of wellness we are striving to create.

Leesman Lighting - Art Leesman

We started with NRG Fitness two years ago.  The improvements we have made in diet, exercise, and overall general wellbeing has been watched carefully.  The improvements we have made in our daily regimens are quite noticeable.  The staff at NRG Fitness has been extremely helpful in guiding us towards our goals.  Many of us have made significant improvements to our health; in some cases it made a huge discovery of underlying health issues.  We continue to look to NRG for the professional guidance needed to incorporate necessary changes in our daily lives.  I would recommend NRG to any company or individual that is looking for experienced help in making change a reality.

Columbus Zoo Team Member

First I want to say thank you for helping me out with living a healthier lifestyle. The wellness program has impacted me in a huge way.  However the steps and choices I have made in the program don't seem to appear as that much of a sacrifice.  That's the beauty of this program. I feel like I really haven't changed my lifestyle and yet the small steps I have taken have turned me into what I believe is the best shape I have been in since high school, a time when I was training for hockey every single day. Since beginning this program I have turned my eating and physical habits almost completely around.   When I wake up in the morning I feel refreshed.  What really I love about this program is that my family follows suit. My kids eat healthy and my wife eats healthy.  Everybody in my household is benefitting from this program. You can't beat it.

G&W Products Team Member

You have been a blessing to all of us.  The NRG Fitness Team has been key and instrumental to all the positive changes that have been happening here at G&W.  You are great coaches and motivators.  Your smile and positive attitude are contagious. 

Blue Ash Industrial Supply Team Member

“Our coach made such a difference.”

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