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The Path Toward Wellness

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Portion Control

Restaurant meals are getting larger, drink sizes are increasing, and the plates we use at home are bigger than ever.  With these increases, our concept of a serving size is distorted and we are lead to believe that these larger sizes are the norm.  Studies have shown that the modern portion sizes are 50 to 150 calories more than they used to be.  This may not seem like much, but an extra 100 calories can lead to an extra 10 pounds after a year!  

How can you take control over your portions?

  • Learn what an actual portion is.  
  • Repackage super-size or family-size servings. Immediately following your trip to the grocery store, wash, slice, and repackage fruits and vegetables, and portion snacks into single-serving bags.  When you're at home in need of a snack or the kids are grabbing for an after-school snack, they're more likely to grab healthy snacks and eat the correct serving size if they're sliced and pre-packaged.  
  • Share a meal while out to eat.  Restaurant meals are much larger than they should be and most of the time they pack in too much sodium and fat.  Cut back on the calories, sodium, and fat by sharing a meal.  Order a salad and split the entree with a family member.  Ask for extra forks with dessert, or share the order of fries with the whole table.
  • Eat half or less.  If you don't want to split a meal with someone else at your table, eat half your meal and bring your leftovers home.  When your meal comes out immediately ask for a to-go container.  
  • Use a smaller plate.  If you use large plates at home, a normal portion size will look too small on the plate.  Your mind will trick your stomach into thinking this isn't enough food.  Decrease your plate size to decrease serving sizes and seconds.
  • Slow down. It takes 15-20 minutes for your brain to realize your full.  Take a drink in between bites, put your fork down, enjoy the conversation with your family.  Slow down so you can feel yourself getting full!
  • Skip seconds and hide the serving platters.  Avoid getting seconds to avoid doubling the calories at that meal.  Keep the serving platters in the kitchen instead of on the table.  Out of sight, out of mind!

Make sure to check out the Health-Buster's on the left-hand side of the website.  One meal out could ruin your wellness goals!

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