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Cable High Single Arm Bicep Curl

Set the cable as high as it will go. Grab the cable handle with one hand and step far enough back that you can straighten out your arm and not be touching the machine and the weight stack is slightly lifted. Raise your arm up high enough that it is in line with the cable. When you go to start curling, try to not let your elbow drop towards the floor, but keep it lifted, as if your elbow was fixed at that point in space. Shove your forearm up towards the ceiling and then back towards you, allowing your elbow to bend, but not moving down. Bend your elbow as far as it will bend and pause at the end of the motion. Take your time returning, gradually allowing your forearm to move through space. Do 8 to 8 to 12 of these and make sure to repeat on the opposite side.

SPECIAL NOTE: For all the In the Gym: Cable and Dumbbell exercises pick a weight that you can do for 8 to 12 reps fairly comfortably and with perfect technique. After a couple of weeks of performing at this weight and with perfection, on then, move up to a slightly heavier weight that feels challenging once you get to that 8th or 12th rep. Once you feel absolutely confident in performing every rep with absolute perfection, only then, go to a heavier weight that is challenging you through out the set.

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