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Single Arm Cable Dead Lift

Set the cable as low as you can. Grab the cable with one hand and take two paces back. Make sure the cable, through out the duration of the exercise, doesn’t twist your body. Start the exercise by pushing your bottom backwards away from the cable machine. Allow your torso to lean forward and also allow your knees to bend. Don’t go so far down that your back starts to bend. Stop before that point. See if you can tighten up your bottom muscles and thigh muscles. It is crucial at this point to keep your back as rigid as possible. Begin to drive your bottom/hips forward while straightening your knees and pulling your torso back. Move slowly and gradually. Try to do 8 to 12 of these and make sure to repeat on the opposite side.

SPECIAL NOTE: For all the In the Gym: Cable and Dumbbell exercises pick a weight that you can do for 8 to 12 reps fairly comfortably and with perfect technique. After a couple of weeks of performing at this weight and with perfection, on then, move up to a slightly heavier weight that feels challenging once you get to that 8th or 12th rep. Once you feel absolutely confident in performing every rep with absolute perfection, only then, go to a heavier weight that is challenging you through out the set.

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