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HumaHealth - Chair Crushers
HumaHealth - Chair Crushers

Chair Crushers

For this one, you will need a chair that has arms. Scoot just a little forward and sit up tall. Let your arms hand outside of the arms of the chair by your sides. Place the fleshy part of your forearms against the arms of the chair. Stiffen your arms and depress your shoulders downwards away from your ears. Draw your arms towards the outside of your hips push them into the arms of the chair while keeping your shoulders pushed down away from your ears. You should feel muscles kind of in and around your arm pit tightening up. Focus on these muscles building tension. It’s possible to push as hard as you possibly can and actually crush the chair. Please don’t do that Hulk! Just push hard enough that you feel yourself working. hold for 8 seconds. Rest and release the tension for 5 seconds. Repeat 8 to 12 times.

SPECIAL NOTE: For all the In the Gym: Cable and Dumbbell exercises pick a weight that you can do for 8 to 12 reps fairly comfortably and with perfect technique. After a couple of weeks of performing at this weight and with perfection, on then, move up to a slightly heavier weight that feels challenging once you get to that 8th or 12th rep. Once you feel absolutely confident in performing every rep with absolute perfection, only then, go to a heavier weight that is challenging you through out the set.

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