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Happy National Walking Day!
Posted By:  Ashley Meuser
Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy National Walking Day!

You can get active in a lot of different ways, but walking is one of the easiest steps you can take to improve or maintain your health. Check out these benefits and GO FOR A WALK TODAY!:

  • Walking helps you maintain a positive outlook, and can make you look and feel younger.
  • Older women who walk regularly were less likely to develop memory loss and other declines in mental function compared to women who were less active.
  • Walking 45 minutes per day at a 16-min mile pace increases thinking skills.
  • Women who walk in their 30s and 40s can greatly reduce their risk of breast cancer.
  • A brisk 30-minute walk or jog around a track 3 times per week was just as effective as antidepressant medication in relieving the symptoms of major depression in middle-aged people.


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